I'm having trouble with my order, what do I do?

Sorry to hear that - please FIRST contact us via email at tech@firepony.org. Please do not just file a dispute with PayPal or your credit card. If you do that we'll need to lock your Peacock account until the dispute is settled. Note that all sales are final. If you're looking to get your money back you'll need to find someone to buy your tickets from you (See the questions about transfers below).

I want to come to one of your events! Do I have to buy a ticket?


But I'm a DJ!

Good for you. But also, that's not a question. Next!

But that's a lot of money!

We get it. That's why we offer ticket aid to folks who need it. Go check out the information for Playa Del Fuego or Constellation.

Do I have to make an account?

Yep. Everyone attending our events needs 1. A ticket and 2. A signed waiver, this website lets us handle both things entirely digitally.

I am a person of many and/or variable names, what name should I use to register?

Because we use government issued IDs to check people into our events, your name on this site MUST match your government issued ID. If you legally change your name, you should also change it here.

I have a reserved ticket! How do I buy it?

Each event has different rules for reserved tickets (see each event's website for info!). If you do qualify for a reserve ticket a coordinator from the event will be in contact and let you know. This is generally done before the first round of ticket sales.

When your reserve sale starts you'll be sent an email letting you know and giving you a link to complete your purchase. The coordinators will send these notifications to whatever email they have on file, so that should also be your Peacock account email. If you don't yet have a Peacock account you will still have your reservation, but you'll need to make an account before you can complete your purchase.

If you think you qualify for a reserved ticket but haven't heard from the event team or received your notification email then please reach out to the appropriate coordinator for the event.

Ok, so how can I pay?

We use PayPal as our payment processor and accept PayPal, Venmo, and most credit cards.

Oh, so do I need a PayPal or Venmo account?

Nope, you can just use a credit card if you want.

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Yes and you have to sign one for every minor you're bringing to the event.

How do I get my tickets?

Just go to the Tickets link under My Account. Do you see a ticket listed there as valid? That's your ticket! We do not issue physical tickets. You just show up at our event knowing the email address of your account and a physical (not a photocopy or photo!) government issued ID and we handle the rest.

I'm bringing my 0-12 year old minor... what do I do?

You can add tickets for your under 13 year old kids free of charge in the general round at no charge. If you missed the general round but you had tickets transferred to you, you will have the ability to add minor tickets after the second round.

I'm bringing my 13+ year old minor... what do I do?

Minors 13 and over must have a standard full price ticket. That ticket can be purchased or transferred to you. Only adults should have accounts on this site, so you'll just need to get a ticket for them, then request an additional minor waiver to sign for them (you can do that on your waivers page!)

Help! I'm not getting my emails!

Be sure to check your spam folder, but also we've heard that folks using Hotmail may have trouble getting our emails. If you're still having trouble, go check out our support page.

How do I get a refund?

You don't. Our tickets are not refundable but most are transferable (unlimited times, for free!). You can often find someone who wants to buy your tickets on the Facebook groups for our events.

I want to transfer a ticket to someone. How do you handle the payment?

We don't. That's up to the two of you to sort out and then transfer the ticket here on this very site. Please note that tickets should never be sold above face value. The transfer email will show the amount the buyer paid for the ticket and prompt the receiver to contact us if they paid more than that amount. Tickets found to have been sold above face value will be voided without refund.

If you're handling a transfer please do not send or request money until AFTER the tickets have been transferred. The tech team can recover scammed tickets, we can't recover scammed money!

I transferred a ticket to someone but now I want it back!

No problem. Just talk to them and they can transfer it back to you. Tickets can be transferred an unlimited number of times. If you're dealing with a potential scammer please contact us at tech@firepony.org for help.

Ok, so... why Peacock?

Because at our second location in Delaware there was a farm next door and they had peacocks that would yell at everyone.

We're trying to bring the spirit of fancy, horny poultry screaming at you at six in the morning into the digital realm.

WHOA, this ticketing site is sexy!

That's also not a question, but you're damn right it is.

It was developed by the FirePony Creative Society Tech Committee and we have plans to release the code as open source in the future.

For more information contact tech@firepony.org.